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Welcome to Emmanuel James Hemmings’ Coventry Photography.


Your wedding day is a landmark occasion in your life and you will want your wedding photographer to capture it.


As a wedding photography business in Coventry our role is to capture your day as if it is the event of the year; which it is.  We are aware that you will have probably spent weeks and months preparing for this moment and our photographs have to complement your big occasion.


We try to avoid images that look staged.  Instead we prefer to produce images that have the feel of a storybook that show the day’s events.  Our images will have a relaxed, natural and spontaneous feel to them.




Throughout your big day we try to make the experience as fun as possible and we will always include the traditional photographs that you should expect.



Enjoy a FREE EXCLUSIVE wedding website for you to share your wedding day with all your friends and family.



We can capture the mood in churches or registry offices.


Feel free to contact us anytime or call us on 07525 2595 14.



Emmanuel Hemmings

It is a huge privilege to be able to photograph someone’s wedding, because although it is a huge responsibility it is immensely rewarding.

Emmanuel Hemmings


On your wedding day you will be so busy with people wishing you well. My role as a photography is to support you in your planning and on the day. This is why I take care to help you choose the group shots along with fully understanding what images you want the most.


I hope you will find me a fun person, professional at all times and always interested in you having a fantastic day.


Wedding photography is not just about capturing people but also the details of the day. The bride’s dress is the centre-piece of course. There is so much to capture you will need the skills of an expert to capture all the other interesting elements of your day. This includes the bridesmaids’ shoes, the flowers and of course your cake and groom!


The key to successful wedding photography is capturing how the bride feels as well as how she looks on her big day.


Please contact me here or telephone me directly on 075 2525 9514.


Hear from you soon.





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